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Running a business today means keeping track of enormous amounts of data. While most enterprise-wide "data warehouses" are built on such platforms as SQL Server, Oracle, or .NET, other critical information is often stored in a so-called "data mart." Over the years, these systems have been built in such desktop database applications as Microsoft Access, Foxpro, 4D, and especially FileMaker Pro.

Why FileMaker Pro? Unlike Access and other desktop systems, FileMaker Pro lets users on both the Windows and Mac platform access the same data at the same time. And unlike 4D, the learning curve for FileMaker Pro is relatively gentle. Finally, beginning in 2004 and continuing through successive versions, FileMaker Pro has vastly increased functionality, storage space, and access speed, making it a leading player in the desktop database market.

At Dataccompli
we specialize in database solutions. While we work primarily in FileMaker Pro, we can help you transfer data and replicate functions from existing systems built with other database software, making transitions and upgrades as seamless as possible. We also offer online and onsite training classes.

What can your data do for you?
At Dataccompli, this is is more than just our motto. Let us help you spend less time on "all that data" you need to get in, and more on all the information you want to get out. If you'd like to hear more about our products and services, please contact us today.

Bob Oeste, Ph.D.
Chief Developer